Drug Test

Have you asked yourself why it is impossible for many pot smokers to queue for job interviews? The answer to that is simple. Many of them are afraid because of the pre-employment screening, which will include passing a drug test. Although some states legalize drug use, the federal government demands that citizens undergo drug tests. Testing is, therefore, a federal program. It is not a state program. Even if your state legalizes the use of drugs, it does not exclude you from passing that drug test which is a federal program. It is therefore mandatory that you pass the drug test once you are sent for it. The question now becomes how are you going to pass a drug test.

How many types of drug tests are you subjected to?

It depends on the reason you are asked to undergo the tests. There are at least four types of drugs tests that you are subjected to. The most common amongst them is the urine test or urinalysis. For most of the times, candidates are subjected to this test. If the test is for employment, it is likely that you will be asked to go for a urine test.

Apart from that, there other important tests that you can be asked to undergo which is the follicle tests. These account for 24 percent of the tests while urinary tests account for 75 percent of the tests people are subjected to in America.

The third test is saliva. This test is not common because it is not easy to detect marijuana use through saliva. In rare cases, people are asked to for this kind of test.

The last test you can be asked to go is the blood test. This is very rare and when that test is conducted, the third party is often is involved. You need lab technician involvement in this kind of test.

How long does the drug stay in the body?

Before discussing how to pass drug tests, it is important to know how long the drug stays in the body when you take it. This is necessary because of the negative information flying around to the extent that it can stay in the body for six months or more than that. You canĀ click here for the real info, but this is false. Passing a drug test with TestClear is the easiest thing we have seen in a while.

The major content in the drug that can make you high is the THC. Therefore, any drug test is to discover whether there are traces of that in your body system. If you take, how long does it normally stay in your body? The length of time it stays in the body actually depends on the frequency of use. If you are a frequent user, the duration can range from ten days to 8 weeks. In extreme cases, it can stay in the body for about 16 weeks. Because of that duration in the body, the best way that you can completely beat that test is that you must avoid smoking within thirty days before the test is conducted.

How to pass a urine drug test

As said before more than seventy-five percent of such tests conducted is the urine test. If you are preparing for employment in America, then you must get ready for this kind of test. The lab will be checking the urine sample whether they can detect THC-COOH in the system. When you are asked to undergo this kind of test, there are different ways you can pass it. Here are some of the ways you can pass that test without difficulties.

Synthetic urine

If you are finding it hard to quit before the test is conducted, then one of the ways to pass that test is through synthetic urine. It is a formulated solution and you can hardly differentiate it from urine because they shared the same features such as smells, looks as well as feels. The product is the same with urine as they have the same chemical composition. It contains ammonia and creatine. The degree of perfection is unique when you want to undergo the test you can consider this option

This is not urine from the human body and when you want to present it, it must match human urine one hundred percent. Therefore, your major concern is how to ensure that it keeps the same temperature as that of the human urine, which is, put at 94 and 95 F. If you are taking to the lab for the test, it must be within that temperature range and not anything that is below that figure or even above it will be accepted.

To ensure that it matches that temperature range, synthetic urine is designed in such a way that it features an internal thermometer as well as a warming pad and heat activator powder. These will ensure that it keeps that urine at that normal human urine temperature. If there are other ways of keeping that urine warm to ensure that, it meets that temperature range you can do that. You must remember that it must not be above that temperature range.

Before you try this method, you must learn how to submit the urine. Some labs may require that you come with the urine and submit it for testing. If this is the case, it is easy to submit such synthetic urine. In some other cases, some labs may ask you go behind and urinate and submit it. This means that you do not have the opportunity to submit any synthetic urine. When this is the case, it may be difficult for you to submit such synthetic urine.

Whether the urinary is supervised or unsupervised, there are ways of beating the scrutiny and submit the synthetic urine.…


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